This Cambodian life: #12 So fresh and so clean...


... clean?
Not really. We are now heading towards April, the hottest month of the year in Cambodia. During this month of March, thermometers are already hitting 38 degrees celsius (100.4 Fahrenheit) and humidity levels raised some days up to 94%. That's a lot of work for your sweat glands. Add this to the dust of the roads, the garbage in the slums, the hugs and hi5's to the kids and we have a bacteria festival.
You'll be taking 3 very thorugh baths a day, washing your hands an endless number of times and still, gooeye is going to be your main state.
I remember when I first got here, I saw a volunteer scrubbing hand sanitiser allover his hands and arms and I thought: 'Jesus, are you sanitising your hands or prepping for surgery?'
Little did I know, he was right. Almost 2 months later, I myself, have the feeling my hands will disintegrate and fall for overuse of hand sanitiser.

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