6 steps for a glorious Monday


- 7a.m. You walk out naked  to your balcony to grab the underwear you left outside to dry because the sun finally came out this summer;

- You raise your head and notice to all your horror that your Japanese neighbor is seating in the balcony in front of you.

- Although he clearly saw you, you urge to hide back inside and in the process drop a couple of your undies out of your balcony and into everyones backyard.

- Half an hour later you walk down to the backyard to grab your bike and your undies and your 60-year-old landlord is standing there. He raises his hand holding your red lace underwear and asks you if those are yours.

- You turn the same color of the undies and because your immaturity is an AK-47 shooting in all directions you say no and leave immediately.

- You come back home after work to find your underwear collection hanging on the staircase wall.

- You wish yourself a happy Monday.

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  1. Your Japanese neighbour must have been so happy.

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