Jet lag, you bastard.


It's 1.55 a.m.
In less than 5 hours I have to check out of my hotel room and catch my flight to Cambodia.
I can't sleep, so I walked out of my room, to go to the pool area. Its warm outside, and it's quiet. I ignore the sign saying the pool is closed and seat on the edge. There's palm trees and ambient lights and I open my laptop and start writing. Just a few hours ago I went into the city, to meet a friend. That's the perk of being Portuguese - you'll have an expat friend nearly everywhere you travel to in the world. We met for some food and drinks, at the Level 33 Skyline Bar.
Everything in this city is so clean that its hard to believe anyone actually lives here. Singapore is fancy, techy and expensive. I grab my 37 dollar glass of wine and I'm reminded that tomorrow I'm travelling to one of the most impoverished areas in the world, only one hour away from here.

No fancy hotel room with 'luxury bar soaps'.
No palm tree pool or clerks to call you 'madam'.
No overpriced drinks and light shows at the bay.

In life everything changes, and here, it changes even faster.

      Level 33 Bar & Lounge view

      Pool area where I'm sitting

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