Speak softly and carry a big stick.


So, before I embrace my volunteering experience in Cambodia - in a selfless, kind gesture that should get me some extra positive Karma points and hopefully prevent me from forever burning in hell - I still had time during my flight to pull out some classic Vio and be mean to yet one last human being.
The guy sitting next to me, an older man with a few extra pounds too much, snored uninterruptedly for 5 hours, so loud that I believe no one in a 3m radius could have possibly slept 2 minutes the whole flight.

At one point, when he wakes up,  I ask him to stand up, and I go to the toilette. A few minutes after I come back I realise that while waiting for the bathroom line, I missed the distribution of the visa application papers. So after a bit, I kindly ask him again to stand up.
Guy's answer: " You asked me to stand up less than 20m ago. That's a bit of a discomfort."
So I look at him, and say in a really soft, paused voice: "You know what I find a discomfort? That you snored so loud for the past 5 hours that I could not get any sleep, and couldn't not listen to you, even with my earphones on. Also, that when you stood up before, you poured what was left of your glass of wine on my shoes, that by the way I'm using for the first time. Now this said, I think we both agree that you are just going to stand up, right?"
Awkward silence. Guys stands up.

For the sake of my soul, I better be good in Cambodia.

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