This Cambodian Life: #3 Outreach a.k.a 'the real real'


One of the first days I went out to the Mondul Bei village, I sent a picture to my friend Su. She replied and said: 'Damn. You are in the real real'. Although we met in the US, she was born and raised in Asia, so I though her opinion was legit.
That's the Mondul Bei effect: the village insists in not fitting in any lexicon I know. The houses that are not houses, the meals that are not meals, the roads that are not roads. Trash everywhere. The smell. That's the first thing you need to get used to, and truth be told, it doesn't get better.
Volunteering in Cambodia is no walk in the park. You'll see a lot of sad stories, especially by western standards, and yes, sometimes its emotionally harsh. But the work itself is wonderful and immediately rewarding. Also, being there is a great reality check; believe me, you'll put all your problems in perspective and I bet you one hand, that in the end they will just seem very, very little.
Now I know you just want to see images and that you most likely already scrolled down to them, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

(click on the pics to enlarge)

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  1. Patrícia says:

    Amiga Vanessa devo dizer-te que a tua sobrinha margarida é uma fiel seguidora dos teus "diários", raro é o dia em que não me pede para ver "os ninos póbis" da tia Vanessa. ��

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