This Cambodian life: #6 some portraits


While working for the NHC Outreach, I got in touch not only with the culture and history of this country, but also with many Khmer people.
I got to realise, after I shot a few of these portraits, how when you isolate the subjects from their context - the dirt, the garbage, the chaos - you can better read, in their emotive, direct gaze, the individual stories of what is life like after the end of the Khmer Rouge.
And although I can't always pull out my DSLR - because I'm working and because when they notice the lens they loose the spontaneity I'm looking for - I hope I manage to get a few more portraits like the first, that to me better represents the indomitable spirit of this wonderful people.

(you'll need to click to enlarge to see details)

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  1. Luis Marques says:

    Lindos. Nota-se o peso da sua vivência na expressão de cada rosto.

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